Corporate NLP Course
by Vikas Vats

Are You Ready to write your destiny ?

Name, Fame, Power, Money, Success Everything is Already there on the Platter. Lot many people have them. Do you ? Are you ready for them ? This NLP Training will prepare you to Grab your share.
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 Corporate NLP Course from the Founder Vikas Vats

15 Years of Experience

1900 Training Programs

300,000 Participants

100s Corporate Clients

Corporate NLP Course Gives You

A brand new personality Ability to influence / change self and others Excellence in professional life Ability to attract others and form immediate rapport Always motivated, no fear / depression / phobia or any other negative emotion. Ability to see positivity and possibilities everywhere Ability to change / learn new habits immediately Get rid of any negative past thought, event, experience Ability to motivate others and develop good relations Become great leader, manager, sales person or whatever you desire. Finally ability to copy anything positive from anywhere and paste in your mind.

Why Corporate NLP Course ?

Initially Neuro-linguistic programming tools and techniques were developed by Psychologists for therapies, personal development and effectiveness. Vikas Vats has taken NLP to next level by developing new tools and aligning old tools to Corporate Success.

1. Use Neuro-linguistic programming for Quality 2. Use Neuro-linguistic programming for Efficiency 3. Use Neuro-linguistic programming for Low Wastage 4. Use NLP for Discipline absenteeism conflicts and low motivation 5. Use Neuro-linguistic programming for Higher Sales 6. Use NLP in Branding, Marketing, and Customer Gratification 7. Use NLP for Ownership, Accountability and Reliability 8. Use NLP training to be and make others Creative and Innovative 9. Use NLP course to project Extra-Ordinary Personality 10. Use NLP, reboot into best of YOU and embrace ultimate Corporate Success.

Why Professionals Prefer NLP Course by Vikas Vats

Vikas Vats India’s most sought Corporate Trainer. NLP Courses by Vats are easy to understand and with immense Corporate & Personal usage. His expertise in Organizational & Clinical Psychology gives unique advantage of using NLP training for Professional and Personal Success. Being an expert Programmer, Vikas Vats is not only able to use existing NLP tools ( with lots of nesting & looping ) but also develop new tools whenever required.

3 Day Intensive NLP Training Program

Invest 3 Days of your life for a Dream Personal and Professional Life. This NLP Course would be the best investment you will ever make.

Day 1

Understand NLP from all possible reference points. Physiology, Neurology, Evolution, Environment, Physics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Religions and even Astrology and Reiki.

Day 2

Learn, see demonstration and practice NLP techniques for Personal Development of Self and Others.

Day 3 Learn, see demonstration and practice NLP techniques for Professional Development of Self and Others

Techniques You Learn in this NLP Course

You learn over 15 Neuro-linguistic programming  techniques which can be used for Personal and Corporate Success.
NLP Course Day 1

NLP Training is Software Update for your Brain

Principles of NLP Presuppositions Rapport VAK, Representation Systems Eye Accessing Cues Chunking
NLP Course Day 2

NLP Training is Subsconscious Reprograming

Reframing Meta Model Milton Model Changing History Strategies Circle of Excellence Anchoring
NLP Course Day 3

NLP Training is Unleashing the Hidden Potential of Your Brain

Visualization Techniques Metaphors Changing Sub-modalities Swish Pattern Theatre Technique Time Based Techniques Future Pacing

Our Awesome Team

Great Results we have been delivering consistently is solely due to our superb team. VATS Consulting [ Value Added Training Systems] is proud of Team VATS.
Vikas Vats, VATS Consulting

Vikas Vats

Founder “Corporate NLP”

Deepa, VATS Consulting


Co-founder & COO

Jaahanvi, VATS Consulting



Anant, VATS Consulting








Corporate Clients

Only NLP Course Accredited by HR Association of India

Corporate NLP Course get you NLP Certificate Accredited by HR Association India

Corporate NLP is the only NLP course accredited by HRAI and your certificate will have HRAI logo. This is only due to linkage of course with downstream corporate processes and highest quality standards.

Some of our Benefited Clients

Some of the clients benefited from Vikas Vats’s training programs…

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